Come Again

Come Again, a 2015 Minnesota Book Award nominee, follows Eve Roberg, a 29-year-old writer eager to end her dry spell. In the 13th month of a sex detox, Eve accepts a date—and ends up in bed—with one of her readers, an alluring Norwegian attorney named Erik Lunden. Disguised under a pseudonym, Lunden becomes Eve’s favorite fodder for her confessional blog. Hits soar as the relationship unfolds online in real time—but can love survive, much less thrive, under the scrutiny of fans and foes alike?

Come Again is a smart, sexy, edgy story about the perils of dating in the digital age, set in the scandalous city of Minneapolis.

"Provocative, yes, but also great dialogue, complicated characters, vital, subtle, lusty, yearning, electric, refreshingly free of bullshit, and very fun to read. It’s a billion times better than most fiction I read," says The Things They Carried author Tim O’Brien about Come Again.

Erica Rivera is also author of the memoir Insatiable: a young mother’s struggle with anorexia (Penguin Group, 2009).

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