City Pages

Dave Simonett of Trampled by Turtles Channels Devastation into Dead Man Winter Album (2017)
Man of Constant Sorrow: Charlie Parr's Quiet Battle to Stay Alive (2017)

Star Tribune

St. Anthony Man is Finance Executive by Day, Indie Filmmaker by Night (2017)
Family History Fuels Folky Minnesota Sister Act The Blacksmith's Daughters (2017)
New Film Board Director Hopes to Land Big Movies, Prestige TV for State (2017)
Beer and Bands Boost Business for Artists at Art-A-Whirl (2017)
Mason Jennings Contemplates the Future of His Music Career (2016)
The Pines Rise Above the Prairie (2016)
Polica's Channy Leaneagh Sounds Off on "United Crushers" (2016)
Suburbia and the Single Guy: Homeowner Transforms St. Louis Park Home into a Modern Day Bachelor Pad (2016)
Five Twin Cities Telecommuters Offer a Peek at Their Home Offices (2015)
Which of Last Year's Decor Trends Will Have Staying Power? (2015)
Bike-Themed Home Decor is on a Roll (2015)
Inside Dosh's 2015 Space Odyssey (2015)
Uncivil Union: Jessica Lea Mayfield Rocks Out with New Husband (2014)
Making Room for Baby (2014)
Homeowners Associations: The good, the bad, and the puzzling (2014)

Minnesota Business

Change is Good: Putting the "Unemployable" to Work (2015)
Steely Determination: Hans Early-Nelson of Primitive Precision (2014)


Star Tribune

St. Anthony Man is Finance Executive by Day, Indie Filmmaker by Night (Cover Story, 2017)
New Film Board Director Hopes to Land Big Movies, Prestige TV for State (Cover Story, 2017)
Beer and Bands Boost Business for Artists at Art-A-Whirl (Cover Story, 2017)

Crave Online

Artcrank Celebrates Ten Years of Bike Art (2017)
The Kaplan Twins on Nudity, Narcissism, and Celebrities (2017)
Artist Kristin Simmons on Capitalism, Gun Control, and Board Games (2017)
Los Angeles Artist Sam Durant Under Fire for "Scaffold" (2017)
Los Angeles Painter Louis Carreon on Art, Addiction, and Prison (2017)
Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro is "At Home With Monsters" in Art Exhibition (2017)
Alex Gross: The Antisocial Network (2017)
Carlos Rolon/Dzine: Nostalgic Bling (2017)
Tim O'Brien's Powerful Portraits (2016)
The Art of the #NoDAPL Protest at Standing Rock (2016)
The Most Tremendous Political Art of the 2016 Presidential Election (2016)
Michael Sagato: Visualizing Obscure Sorrows (2016)
Art Exhibition Launched In Response To Hateful Rhetoric (2016)
8 Female Photographers You Should Be Following On Instagram (2016)
Ben Giles: Otherworldly Collage Art (2016)
Derek Eads: Pops Of Culture (2016)
Lehi ThunderVoice Eagle Sanchez: Navajo Storyteller (2016)
Nathan Sawaya: Brick By Brick (2016)
Ben Skinner: Material World (2016)
Jaque Fragua: Reclaiming Native Symbolism (2016)
David Olenick: So Funny It Hurts (2016)
Stephen McMennamy's "Combo Photos" Are All The Rage On Instagram (2016)
Anatol Knotek: Play on Words (2016)
Patrick Martinez: Conversation Starter (2016)
Isaac Arvold: Organic Evolution (2016)
Ice Fishing Houses Inspire New Form of Art Festival (2016)
Ten Off-the-Wall Ways to Display Art in Your Home (2016)
Sarina Brewer: Rogue Taxidermy (2016)
Cheyenne Randall: Inking Icons (2015)
Marc Johns: Post-It Profundity (2015)
Mike Egan: Mortality as Canvas (2015)
Eric Joyner: A Taste for Tech and Whimsy (2015)
Eric Inkala: Chasing the Dream (2015)
Charles Youel: ARTCRANK (2015)

City Pages

Army Vet and Former Meteorologist Christine Clayburg Seeks to Make "Minneapolis" Locally (2017)
Anne Collier's "Women with Cameras" Reflects on Selfies From a Pre-Instagram Era (2017)
Freddy Krueger and Wolverine are Among Ojibwe Painter Jonathan Thunder's Muses (2017)
With His Stunning Photography, Gary Arndt Wants Hopes to Inspire You to Travel More (2017)
Mason Jennings and Benson Ramsey Take a Break From Music to Share Horse Doodles and Photography (2017)
Painter Emily Schadow Uses Hashtags to Blast Historical Figures (2017)
Artist of the Year: Aza Abe (Erdrich) (2016)
Battle Over Controversial Capitol Art Finally Ends (2016)
Charles Philippe Jean Pierre: How Men Can Be Feminist Allies at Public Functionary (2016)
Burlesque 101 with Ophelia Flame (2016)
Kate Renee's Storybook Characters Explore Dark Themes (2016)
Leslie Barlow's Mixed-Race Identity Inspires Her To Paint Underrepresented People (2016)
Amy Rice Collaborates With Beavers, Celebrates 10 Years of Art With Jennifer Davis (2016)
Scott Seekins' Great Sioux Uprising Series Draws Ire From Native American Community (2016)
Quinn Rivenburgh Creates Intricate Paper Art (2016)
Krista Stout Turns Trump's Words into Poetry That Benefits Bernie (2016)
Scott Seekins Exhibits New Work with his Sweetheart (2016)
Luis Fitch's Mixed-Media Pieces Are Haunting Reminders of Life and Death (2016)
Minneapolis Photographer Finds Empowerment Through Barbie (2016)
Healing Through Punk Metal and Grisly Art (2016)
Masked Feminists Guerrilla Girls Take Over the Twin Cities (2016)
Red Lake Photography and Art Celebrated at the U of M (2016)
David Foster Wallace's Writing Revived at the Walker (2016)
Myron Johnson Revives Nutcracker (Not So) Suite with James Sewell Ballet (2015)
"Hippie Modernism" is a Trippy, Significant Exhibit (2015)
MN "Rez Comedy" Documentary Funded in Final Hours (2015)
The Graffiti and Sharpie-Inspired Art of Aaron De La Cruz (2015)
Geoff Sobelle Explores Our Obsession with Stuff (2015)
Boston Punk Rocker Jacob Bannon Brings His Art to CO Exhibitions (2015)
Joe Sinness References Queer and Pop Culture in Provocative Drawings (2015)
Artist of the Year: Kate Worum (Cover Story, 2015)
Kevin Cannon Drew a MN Bookstore Every Day for Inktober (2015)
MCAD Prof Piotr Szyhalski Questions How We Work in "Labor Camp" (2015)
Nigerian Painter Prince Adetomiwa Gbadebo Exhibits in Minneapolis (2015)

Heather McElhatton's Beautiful World (2014)
Patrick Martinez's "Buy Now Cry Later" Show at Public Functionary Review (2013)
HOTTEA "Inner Workings" Art Exhibit Review (2013)
Dzine "Victory" Art Exhibit Review (2013)


Crave Online

5 Sexy New Books to Read in Bed (2017)
6 Graphic Memoirs to Read Right Now (2017)
6 Good Books to Buy for the Women in Your Life (2017)
7 Must-Read Books for Summer (2017)
Best Books to Read This Year (2017)
The Obamas Sell Memoir Rights for a Rumored $60 Million (2017)
Jason Rekulak: "The Impossible Fortress" (2017)
Gary Taubes: "The Case Against Sugar" (2017)
Jim Walsh: "Gold Experience: Following Prince in the '90s" (2017)
6 Must-Read Books About War (2017)
The 6 Sexiest Philip Roth Novels (2017)
David Szalay: "All That Man Is" (2016)
Jason Diamond: "Searching for John Hughes" (2016)
Emily Witt: "Future Sex" (2016)
Isaac Fitzgerald: "Knives & Ink" (2016)
Mark Manson: "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck" (2016)
Sean Penn: "Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff" (2016)
Teddy Wayne: "Loner" (2016)
Gavin Edwards: "The Tao of Bill Murray" (2016)
Dan Slater: "Wolf Boys" (2016)
Joe McGinniss Jr.: "Carousel Court" (2016)
Adam Carolla: "'Daddy, Stop Talking!'" (2016)
Dylan Hicks: "Amateurs" (2016)
Alex Abramovich: "Bullies" (2016)
Mark Leyner: "Gone with the Mind" (2016)
Christopher Sorrentino: "The Fugitives" (2016)
John Jodzio: "Knockout" (2016)
Rick Moody: "Hotels of North America" (2015)
Paul Murray: "The Mark and the Void" (2015)
Jerry Stahl: "Old Guy Dad" (2015)

City Pages

Daniel Handler: "All the Dirty Parts" (2017)
Alex Lemon: "Feverland" (2017)
Matt Goldman: "Gone to Dust" (2017)
Danez Smith: "Don't Call Us Dead" (2017)
Dave Page: "F. Scott Fitzgerald in Minnesota" (2017)
Bao Phi: "Thousand Star Hotel" (2017)
Ariel Levy: "The Rules Do Not Apply" (2017)
Sarah Manguso: "300 Arguments" (2017)
Sammi Jones: "Derby Girl" (2017)
Stephanie Wilbur Ash: "The Annie Year" (2017)
Autumn Whitefield-Madrano: "Face Value" (2017)
Zeke Caligiuri: "This Is Where I Am" (2016)
Jeffrey Toobin: "American Heiress" (2016)
Elizabeth Alexander: "The Light Of The World" (2016)
Peter Geye: "Wintering" (2016)
Max Porter: "Grief Is The Thing With Feathers" (2016)
Natalie Goldberg: "The Great Spring" (2016)
Chuck Klosterman: "But What If We're Wrong?" (2016)
Louise Erdrich: "LaRose" (2016)
Gretchen Marquette: "May Day" (2016)
Linda LeGarde Grover: "The Road Back to Sweetgrass" (2016)
Jen Kirkman: "I Know What I'm Doing and Other Lies I Tell Myself" (2016)
R.T. Rybak: "Pothole Confidential" (2016)
Krista Tippett: "Becoming Wise" (2016)
Peggy Orenstein: "Girls & Sex" (2016)
James Eli Shiffer: "The King of Skid Row"(2016)
Julie Schumacher: "Dear Committee Members" (2015)


The Growler Magazine

How Trivia Mafia Turned a Once-a-Week Quiz Night into a Bar Game Empire (2017)

Minnesota Business Magazine

Change is Good: Putting the "Unemployable" to Work (Cover Story, 2015)
Minnesota's South Shore (2015)
Elliot Ginsburg of Hop Law (2015)
Paul Krumrich of Donkey Label (2015)
A Vital Role: The Creative Economy in Minnesota (2015)
Mike Shultz of Biodapt Inc. (2014)
Leah Driscoll of the Twin Cities Mobile Market (2014)
Jackson Schwartz and Joe Limpert of Hennepin Made (2014)
Kristy Allen and Erin Rupp of The Beez Kneez (2014)
Hans Early-Nelson of Primitive Precision (Cover Story, 2014)
Julie Allinson of Eyebobs (2014)
Dirk Miller of The Emily Program (2014)
Nancy Lyons of Clockwork (2014)
Dan Madsen of Dusty Signs (2014)
Zeus Jones (2014)
KVS Letterpress (2014)
Fox Tax (2014)
Chowgirls Killer Catering (2014)
JD Fratzke and Tim Niver of The Strip Club and Saint Dinette (2014)
Adam Turman: Making the Scene (2014)
Artist Bent: Friedman Iverson (2013) 


City Pages

Gabe Noah's Intense New Podcast "Profession Confession" (2017)
Carmen Lynch on Ditching Dating Apps, Hating Cats, and Translating Profanity (2017)
Ryan Hamilton on Clean Comedy, Sobriety, and Mormonism (2017)
Tig Notaro on "One Mississippi", Overcoming Cancer, and Motherhood (2016)
Sarah Silverman on Sex in Your 40s and the Benefits of Therapy (2016)
Kathy Griffin on Pride, Pizza, and Sexism in Comedy (2016)
Hari Kondabolu on Trump, Black Lives Matter, and Being "Overeducated" (2016)
Andy Erikson on Misogyny in Standup Comedy (2016)
Jermaine Fowler on TV Pilots and Refusing to "Play it Safe" (2016)
Jim Norton on Being a Pervert and Pissing Off Jesse Ventura (2015)
Hannibal Buress on Threesomes, Cocaine, and Calling Out Cosby (2015)
Miranda Sings on YouTube Fame and Being Motivated by Haters (2015)
Joe Gatto on The Tenderloins and Impractical Jokers (2015)
Gary Gulman on Cookies, Day Jobs, and Depression in Comedy (2015)
Comedian Jenn Schaal Among the Artists of the Year (2015)

Star Tribune

Jason Alexander: George Costanza Gets His Hair Back (2014)

Ali Wong (2015)
Alingon Mitra (2015)
Jenny McCarthy (2014)
Sara Schaefer (2014)
Henry Phillips (2014)
Sean Patton (2014)
Tim Slagle (2014)
Tom Rhodes (2014)
Sandra Bernhard (2014)
Kurt Braunohler (2014)
Adam Carolla (2013)
Margaret Cho (2013)


Crave Online

16 Freaky Fair Foods to Eat This Summer (2017)
Underground L.A. Restaurant Reveals Secret Recipes (2017)
Joe Beddia of Pizzeria Beddia Shares His Pizza-Making Secrets (2017)
6 Hybrid Pastries to Try Before You Die (2017)
Starbucks Gets in on the Unicorn Food and Beverage Trend (2017)
5 Southern Food Myths Debunked (2017)
"Hard Coffee" Will Soon Be a Thing Thanks to Bad Larry's (2017)
Los Angeles Company Nomadica Makes Wine More Portable, Less Pretentious (2017)
30 Must-Eat Ube-Flavored Foods (2017)
Bitters Are Big Business For Bittercube Founders (2017)
75 Ways to Prepare Potatoes (2017)
The Mac 'n' Cheese Doughnut Goes Mainstream (2016)
The Best Gingerbread Men on the Internet (2016)
10 Turkey Alternatives for the Holidays (2016)
50 Culinary Tidbits From Anthony Bourdain's "Appetites" (2016)
Make Your Favorite Foods Healthier with "The Dude Diet" Cookbook (2016)
6 Places To Try Rolled Ice Cream (2016)
The Most Outrageous State Fair Foods (2016)
Insane Milkshakes Around the World (2016)
The Secret Behind Exo Protein Bars? Bugs. (2016)
Mexican Foods to Try This Cinco de Mayo (2016)
Food Porn Transforms Instagrammer's Life (2016)
7 Must-Follow Doughnut Shops on Instagram (2016)
Coolhaus Brings Insane Ice Cream Sandwiches to Dessert Lovers Nationwide (2016)
College Students Turn Tragedy into Feel-Good Treats (2015)
Man Cave Craft Meats: From Farmers Market to Mass Distribution (2015)
Tatanka Truck Brings Native American Cuisine to the Streets of Minnesota (2015)

MN Meetings + Events Magazine

Hotel Restaurants Embrace the Foodie Movement (Winter 2015)
Cafes Bring a Boost of Energy to Any Meeting (Fall 2014)

The Daily Meal

Best Dog Bakeries in the U.S. (2013)
Best Beach Restaurants Worldwide (2013)
World's 30 Most Glamorous Camping Destination (2013)
Best Boardwalks for Food in the U.S. (2013)
Best Ice Cream Parlors in the World (2013)
Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants in the Twin Cities (2013)
To-Die-For Donuts (2013)
Twin Cities: Breakfast Served All Day (2013)
The Locavore Lover's Dining Guide to the Twin Cities (2013)
Top 5 Dinner-and-a-Show Destinations in the Twin Cities (2013)


Crave Online

How To Decorate Your Home Office Like A Boss (2016)
How To Stage Your Home Like A Pro (2016)
Father-Son Builders Bring Tiny Homes to Fresno (2016)
How to Spruce Up Your Living Space With Plants (2016)
Stangler Works: An Affinity for Wood (2015)

Star Tribune

Suburbia and the Single Guy: Homeowner Transforms St. Louis Park Home into a Modern Day Bachelor Pad (Cover Story, 2016)
Five Twin Cities Telecommuters Offer a Peek at Their Home Offices (Cover story, 2015)
Which of Last Year's Decor Trends Will Have Staying Power? (Cover story, 2015)
Bike-Themed Home Decor is on a Roll (Cover story, 2015)
Making Room for Baby (Cover Story, 2014)
Homeowners Associations: The good, the bad, and the puzzling (Cover story, 2014)


Star Tribune

Family History Fuels Folky Minnesota Sister Act The Blacksmith's Daughters (Cover Story, 2017)
Rocking a Block Near You (2017)
Foxy Tann is the Block-Party Queen of Summer (2017)
Mason Jennings Contemplates the Future of His Music Career (Cover Story, 2016)
The Pines Rise Above the Prairie (Cover Story, 2016)
Polica's Channy Leaneagh Sounds Off on "United Crushers" (Cover Story, 2016)
Twin Cities Critics Tally (Contributor, 2016)
Twin Cities Critics Tally (Contributor, 2015)
Inside Dosh's 2015 Space Odyssey (Cover story, 2015)
Music is the Weapon in Haley Bonar's Last War (Cover Story, 2014)
Uncivil Union: Jessica Lea Mayfield Rocks Out with New Husband (Cover Story, 2014)
Twin Cities Critics Tally (Contributor, 2014)
Twin Cities Critics Tally (Contributor, 2013)

City Pages

Man of Constant Sorrow: Charlie Parr's Quiet Battle to Stay Alive (Cover Story, 2017)
Dan Wilson Wrote Songs With Adele and Taylor Swift -- Now It's His Turn to Sing Them (2017)
With "Hey, Muse!" Chan Poling Looks Back at the Suburbs' Past but Keeps Moving Forward (2017)
Pornonono Sings About Our "Post-Sexual Future History" on "Yes" (2017)
Claire de Lune Talks Heartbreak, Misogyny, and Timberwolves (2017)
Cloud Cult's Craig Minowa on Death, Grief, and "The Seeker" (2017)
Chastity Brown is in a Better Place on "Silhouette of Sirens" (2017)
Jeremy Messersmith Drops "Kinda Crazy Secret" Songbook and New Album (2017)
Dave Simonett of Trampled by Turtles Channels Devastation into Dead Man Winter Album (Cover Story, 2017)
With Timbre Ghost, Dustin Tessier Shakes a Past That Haunts Him (2017)
Japandroids (2017)
Tim Dooley on Mental Illness, "Irresponsible Kids," and Timisarocker's New Album (2017)
Cloud Nothings (2017)
Ben Kyle of Romantica (2017)
Low's Alan Sparhawk Shares His 10 Favorite Christmas Songs (2016)
Fraea: Picked to Click (2016)
Of Montreal (2016)
Tegan and Sara (2016)
Whitney (2016)
Corinne Bailey Rae (2016)
Frankie Lee (2016)
The Lioness (2016)
Ani DiFranco (2016)
Lower Dens (2016)
Ezra Furman (2015)
Run Westy Run (2015)

We Are the Willows (2014)
David Bazan (2014)
Dum Dum Girls (2014)
Bastille (2014)
The Buzzcocks (2014)
Strand of Oaks (2014)
Jenny Lewis (2014)
St. Paul and the Broken Bones (2014)
Camera Obscura (2014)
Sharon Van Etten (2014)
Valerie June (2014)
Jose James (2014)
Lake Street Dive (2014)
Lucius (2014)
The National (2013)
Father John Misty (2013)
Phosphorescent (2013)
Foxygen (2013)
Dr. John (2013)
Kate Nash (2013)
Diego Garcia (2013)
Carnage and Desdamona (2013)
Damien Jurado (2013)
Lissie (2013)
Junip (2013)
Zoo Animal (2013)
JBM (2013)
Freedom to Marry "Love is the Law" Concert Review (2013)


Cory Chisel (2012)
Caroline Smith (2012)
These United States (2012)
Dead Man Winter (2012)
The Farewell Circuit (2012)
Courtney McLean (2012)
Mayors Crash Trampled By Turtles' Concert (2012)
Howler vs. 4ontheFloor: Whose side are you on? (2012)
Polica Wows First Avenue Crowd Concert Review (2012)

Dawes (2011)
Macklemore (2011)
Marketa Irglova (2011)
Owl City (2011)
Chastity Brown (2011)
Little Scream (2011)
Rachael Yamagata (2011)
Peter Wolf Crier (2011)
Haley Bonar (2011)
Mason Jennings (2011)


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Travel to Your Favorite TV Show Destinations (2017)
6 Eccentric Must-See Food Museums (2017)
This 28-Year-Old Has Traveled to Every Country in the World (2017)
Travel Trends and Tips for 2017 from Anthony Melchiorri (2017)
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Home Goods Brand Opens New Venice Beach Hotel (2016)
Atlas Obscura Takes Travelers to Bizarre Attractions Around the World (2016)
6 Must-Have Suitcases for the Stylish Traveler (2016)
6 Must-See Luxury Hotels Abroad (2016)
Bon Iver's Boutique Hotel Opens Soon In Eau Claire (2016)
The 7 Best Cities for Marathon Runners (2016)
New Boutique Hotels Incorporate Local Culture (2016)
8 Ways to Celebrate Puebla, Mexico (2016)
Vagabrothers Find Celebrity via Travel Videos (2016)
6 Warm-Weather Ways to Experience Taos (2016)
Hip Boutique Hotels From Coast to Coast (2016)

The Daily Meal

Best Beach Restaurants Worldwide (2013)
World's Most Glamorous Camping Destinations (2013)
Best Boardwalks for Food in the U.S. (2013)
Top 5 Dinner-and-a-Show Destinations in the Twin Cities (2013)


Come Again (Thought Catalog, 2015)
Insatiable: A young mother’s struggle with anorexia (Penguin, 2009)


The Truth of Memoir by Kerry Cohen (Writer's Digest Books, 2014)
Gotta Have It (Cleis Press, 2011)
Let Them Eat Crepes (Lulu, 2010)
The Tattoo Series (XOXO. 2010)
Voices of Breast Cancer (LaChance, 2007)


Multiple Poems (Save The Crumbs, 2010)
Untitled for L (The Tattooed Poets Project Blog, 2010)
Why I Don’t Write Short Stories (Writer’s Journal Magazine, 2008)
Firstborn (Moon Journal, 2007)


Minnesota Book Awards (Nominee for Natural Disasters, 2016)
Minnesota Book Awards (Nominee for Come Again, 2015)
Dakota County Library Poetry Contest (First Place for Unforgotten, 2014)
Dakota Country Library Poetry Contest (Honorable Mention for Before the Bruises, 2013)
Dakota Country Library Poetry Contest (3rd Place for Left Unsaid, 2012)
Gingerbread House Challenge (1st Place, 2011)
Dakota County Library Poetry Contest (Honorable Mention for Untitled for L, 2010)
Food Tasters For Obama Bake-Off (Winner of Best Recipe Award, 2008)
Sit, Walk, Write Workshop with Natalie Goldberg (Scholarship Winner, 2008)
Old Friend From Far Away Workshop with Natalie Goldberg (Scholarship Winner, 2007)
Powderhorn Writers' Festival (1st Place in Poetry, 1997)



Spoke at Macalester College regarding the psychology of eating disorders.
Interviewed by Macalester Today for full-page print feature.
Interviewed on Twin Cities Live (ABC affiliate).
Interviewed on Showcase Minnesota (NBC affiliate).
Interviewed on FOX News.
Interviewed on True/Slant blog.
Interviewed on hour-long Health Notes program on KFAI radio.
Interviewed on hour-long Page to Pantry program on KPFK radio.
Reviewed on Carrots 'n' Cake blog.
Reviewed in the Star Tribune.
Book signing at Caribou Coffee.

Let Them Eat Crepes

Book signing and reading at Hamline University.
Book signing and reading at Common Good Books.


Crazy Sexy Delicious: Relationship anecdotes, original recipes, and trendy tunes. (2011 - 2013)